Toilet Bowl Lights-Tips & Reviews

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Lighting naturally creates shadows and if you don’t have your lighting properly planned, you may find that your newly remodeled bathroom isn’t the happy place you thought it would be. I’m writing this article as a result of numerous questions from my neighbor who is remodeling. Being a lighting professional, they have lots of questions for me regarding their bathroom lighting. It really seems to be a daunting task for them. In Bathroom lighting design, there are many decisions to make. From design and placement to what fixture to use to what light bulbs are best. I’d like to take you around the room to give you a rule of thumb when planning your own bathroom lighting design.

Shower Lights-Showers are a space that you no doubt need a form of recessed lighting. It’s very important to use a recessed fixture that is made for the shower and rated to work under conditions of humidity and possible contact with water. In addition you’ll want to use a light bulbs rated to use in the shower. Most products will be clearly marked as such. Personally, we have a dimmer on our shower light. It allows for a slow wake up by anyone getting into the shower before the light of day. But it’s important to provide enough light to allow you to shave and see what you are doing.Do you want to learn more? Visit best toilet seat light.

Bathtub Lighting-Depending on the height of your bathtub and if it is separate from your shower, your lighting solutions here will be different. Let’s assume you have a separate bathtub here. If not, you won’t do anything different than what I’ve outlined above. Typically, you will be using recessed lighting above your bathtub area. It is not necessary to have water rated fixtures and light bulbs in this spot. One or maybe two recessed fixtures aimed at the outside of the tub will provide what you need. Aiming to the outside of the tub will provide light to see what you are doing yet will cut down on any glare.

Mirror and Vanity Lighting-This area might be the most crucial spot to get it “right.” Improper lighting when you are trying to apply make-up or shaving can be the pits. Lighting companies have come up with a number of functional and decorative choices for vanity/mirror lighting. Topping and flanking your mirror with vanity strips is one way to provide light. Insure that you purchase vanity light bulbs that have a lower wattage or frosted glass so you don’t blind yourself. The mistake I’ve seen many make is that their light bulbs are too powerful and then they unscrew several of them to take the light level down. This totally defeats the purpose of having a vanity strip as it is suppose to distribute light evenly.

What we decided to use is our home is wall sconces. And now that I think about it, we used it in all three bathrooms. The master has 3 as we have a long vanity and there are holes cut in the glass where the sconces sit. The other two bathrooms have the sconces flanking the mirror. When you choose to have more than two, it’s important that the spacing be such that the light is coming from either side of each sink. Spacing here is not as critical; just insure that they are evenly spaced. Most folks tent to stand in front of the sink and you wouldn’t want to have the sconce right in front of your face! Their height should be about eye height. This will need to be adjusted slightly according to the type of sconce that you choose. Bottom line is that you don’t want to be able to see the light bulb itself when standing and looking at the sconce.

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Toilet Bowl Lights – Way to Enhance Your Bathroom!

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The bathroom can be a place of relaxation for you and an improper lighting could shatter your relaxation mood. It is really important to choose the right kind of bathroom lighting because it will change the total look of your bathroom and you can do it cheaply. It is necessary to choose bathroom lighting that is functional, practical and also decorative. The right kind of lighting will augment and harmonize your interior décor, bringing clear visibility. Therefore, your first priority is to choose bathroom lighting that offers good illumination, as well as natural lighting.

For ventilation most bathrooms has large windows covered by blinds. Blinds are the wonderful way, if you are really concerned about lighting in your bathroom. They will keep your privacy in and will be hard for someone to peep inside. But if your bathroom does not have a large window then you need to get the best artificial lighting that is available. These days, you can get various types of bath lighting those are widely available in the market. They all come in various shapes, sizes, design and color. Before buying any such lighting, you need to do lots of research.You may find more information at LED toilet glow light.

Two of the most popular finishes for lighting are brushed nickel bathroom light and also bronze bathroom lighting. Either one will give your bathroom style and class at a reasonable price. Well, lighting can come from the sophisticated one to the traditional one, from the modern to the sublime. It entirely depends upon you, the type of lighting fixtures that you want to choose. You are lucky, as the development of technology has brought variety of lighting fixtures. All of them are decorative and highly functional and offers outstanding appearance to your interior décor.

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Auto Insurance Terms You Should Know

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In order to be successful and proficient in all business it is very important that one familiarize himself with the terms of that particular field of interest or business he intend establishing. That is why knowing such terms will undoubtedly build you basic knowledge of your field of interest and eventually lead to you success in it. Take a moment to review some of the terms associated with auto insurance and quotes before going into it as this will be very much helpful to you in your auto insurance policy success.


Also known as claim adjuster, this is an insurance company worker who is primarily responsible for investigating and settling all claims brought by claimants or insurance carriers resulting from a specific casualty. His responsibilities also include the evaluation and payment of the available or each claim to the policyholder. Payment of claims is usually carried out only after all proceedings are verified. The claim may as well depend on the active insurance or coverage policy available of the item. get more details


This is an unplanned, unforeseen or unintended event beyond the control of an insured, resulting in the loss of property e.g. car. The incurred loss can be compensated as a claim to the claimant by the carrier. The claim is based on what is observed and the actual cash value of the car or items involved.

Auto insurance companies try in the best of their abilities to supply sustainable, efficient, quality, and affordable policy coverage to their policyholders. They also aim at increasing the savings of their insured to meet specific needs e.g. building a big collection of policyholders.


This is a specialist who computes premiums and risks of insurance. They are duly involved in the calculation of loss reserving, life expectancy and determining accident frequency. They serve as one of the key ingredients in an insurance company.

They also primarily help in making profit and financial stability of carriers (insurance companies) which they serve and involved in trends assessment as well as determining insurance prices.

These specialists also have a share in managing the carrier’s expenditure and the giving of claims to claimant on any needed basis. They help in ensuring that neither the carrier nor the insured suffer unnecessary loss.

Accident Frequency

This refers to the number of times there occur an accident. The frequency is calculated during the time of the insurance policy. The actuary normally computes the frequency of accidents to help determine possible losses.

It should be noted that the phrase may not actually mean the number of times or frequency an accident really does occur but the number of times an accident may occur due to the prediction of the actuary. Premiums can also be accurately and appropriately paid using this principle.

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Electric Knives-Some Insights

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Cooking is an integral part of life. For some, it is a rewarding hobby that they thoroughly enjoy while others find it a chore. But regardless of your interest, one thing that is an absolute necessity in the kitchen is a sharp knife. That’s why having an electric knife sharpener at your disposal is good investment. For those who have never been exposed to this type of kitchen tool before an individual will soon see that they are well worth the money. In times past, a chef would be limited to using a stone to acquire a sharp knife, but not anymore. While some cooks will still use sharpening stones for their sharpening needs this upgrade to an old idea is, by far, the better way to go.

When browsing through the selection of these devices there are several key items to look for in a model. First, is to ensure that they can accommodate a wide variety of knives. This is important since there are many different types of knives in a household that will need attention, from carving, filet, and overall cutting. Even hunting knives in some households will need attention. Blades are made from many different materials such as carbon, stainless steel and metal. Having a model that can accommodate all types will be most desirable.

Blades area also made of differing densities. With some blades being made of much harder material than others they require a separate technique in order to achieve the best results when applying an edge or a different combination when using the different slots available on an electric knife sharpener. One way to achieve this is also to have interchangeable adapters to allow for the various blade types. Remember, some knives are of different thicknesses and you will want to be sure your electric knife sharpener allows for all the ones you want to sharpen. click for more info

It is important to remember to only use this device for its intended purposes. Never use it to apply an edge to scissors or other related tools unless it is specifically noted for that use on the model. A misguided attempt to apply an edge to something other than what a sharpener was intended for will result in permanent damage to the device. Having the appropriate electric knife sharpener at your disposal is a necessity in any kitchen and will certainly help in the preparation of food. Considering their compact design they will increase productivity and give a much nicer end result in whatever dishes the cook is preparing. A sharp knife makes the task of cutting and chopping much easier to accomplish.

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Choose and Buy Perfect Electric Knives

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When buying electric knives it is important to understand what you need and how much are you willing to pay for preferred electric knife. One should always give some extra thought to the product you wish to buy before going to the store. Tips for buying a good an electric knife:

  1. The first thing to be considered is the length of the knife. There are varieties of sizes available in market, choose which suits to your kitchen needs, like if you are a vegetarian you don’t need much bigger one, but if you love to have meat and fish, go for bigger and sharper variety.
  2. The knife having two set of blades are a good buy. The longer blade is used for slicing meat and shorter one is used for bread and vegetables.
  3. An electric knife with 100 watt or more is good and if you want a corded electric knives the make sure to buy one with long cord so that you can move it around the kitchen easily. But if you want a cordless one then make sure it has a good battery life, so that it stays for long, otherwise you can get interrupted in between cutting your turkey or ham.
  4. The electric knives with detachable blades are going to make its cleaning and maintenance easy.
  5. Generally handle of electric knife is thick, but for people wanting a thinner handle, there are varieties having thin carrying handle.
  6. When buying an electric knife, check for its grip, as to avoid any accidents with knife in the future. An electric blade with a hand guard is always a good option as it avoids slipping of hand on to blades. While cutting meat hand can become sticky and greasy, with a hand guard it becomes easy to handle knife in such a situation. work sharp knife sharpener
  7. Always compare different brands according to your need and budget. There are many brands offering same features, compare their prices and make a best buy based on these comparisons.
  8. If pricing is the same you could look if any one of them is offering any extra part like extra blade, storage case, or storage tray.
  9. Check for the warranty given by the manufacturer, and also see that you are buying from a reliable place where you can return if you are facing any problem using it or fixing it.
  10. You will always have two options to choose from, corded or cordless ones. Cordless electric knives are costlier; see whether you are ready to pay the difference for little more comfort.
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